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Is This Your E-Waste?

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Is This Your E-Waste?

Do you live in Dallas and have you set your dead worn out electronics at the curb?  Your electronic waste could have contributed to the toxic mess pictured here.

EWD has grown over the last year as a dependable resource for assisting folks with locating recycling for challenging commodities.  The challenge as seen in the picture is beyond belief.  A renter had been termed to be a hoarder of electronics.  I’d been told the city inspector stopped counting when he reached 500 with only a small portion of the items in the yard counted.

Over and over people comment to me, “I simply place my electronics at the curb and magically it is picked-up.”  Well here is an example of that magic electronic fairy.  People’s everyday thinking of “out-of-site out-of-mind” is wrong.  The situation described here is a perfect example of where you don’t want your electronic waste to end up in the backyard of a residential neighborhood.

The next door neighbor allowed us access to his backyard to take a closer look over the fence at this backyard.  Obvious by the tarps attached to the fence backing up to the alley this resident didn’t want anyone to see the activities taking place at this location.  The people living in this home knew they were performing environmentally damaging activities    Upon closer review by my partner and I we determined the cooper and other precious commodities had been removed from CRT monitors, TVs and other electronic commodities leaving toxic components to leech into the soil.  According to the neighbor this had been going on for years and generated horrible smells.  The smells I’m assuming were the toxins being released into the air.  The gentleman explained to us that he tried to talk to the neighbor, but to no avail.  He had no comment about reporting it to the city.

With this said, EWD encourages folks to know where about the final destination of your e-waste.  No matter who you’re recycling with don’t be afraid to ask questions of how and where the e-waste will be recycled and its final destination.

EWD provides free seminars and recycling with the exception of CRTs, TVs and FREON items.  Fees are waived for those on fixed and low incomes with large quantity fee reductions for business.  Every item which operates through an electrical current can be dropped off at our warehouse Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm.  Please be part of the solution by contacting EWD for assistance.  We’d be happy to provide a seminar to educate those interested about proper e-waste recycling.