Company Overview

EWaste Disposal  is a full-service electronic end-of-life (EOL) recycle. The company was founded specifically with a mission to provide communities throughout Texas the education and accountable resources required to recycle responsibly. In addition, EWaste Disposal’s dedication to its belief “RESPECT OUR ENVIROMENT” is evidenced daily through a mandatory operations commitment of no more than five percent (5%) waste.  Within the first year of business, EWaste Disposal safely recycled and diverted over 200 tons of e-waste from landfills. The cradle-to-cradle (closed loop) recycling EWaste Disposal promotes eliminates the burden of harvesting raw materials allowing our planet to flourish for future generations.

Numerous corporations, municipalities, and non-profits depend on EWaste Disposal safe, secure, and responsible recycling as part of their environmental mandates. Clients required by law to meet stringent EPA standards and LEED prerequisites have fulfilled their requirements through the assistance of EWaste Disposal’s e-waste recycling documentation and support. Corrective actions required by the EPA have been approved with the assistance of EWaste Disposal’s complete e-waste recycling documentation. Our LEED experience and knowledge assisted a client with obtaining LEED GOLD certification for a commercial building. Each client has a unique requirement with regards to e-waste recycling.  Our experienced team members study the full overview of client requirements to assure successful results. This forethought by the EWaste Specialist experts allows EWaste Disposal to provide value added services for the most challenging applications and/or programs.

Our Environment Commitment

EWaste Disposal is committed to continued innovation with regards to reduction, reuse, and recycling of commodities in order to work toward lessening the need for harvesting raw materials.  Additionally, the company founders guarantee every avenue is to be explored with regards for working toward complete zero landfill. The environment’s well-being is to be first and foremost everyday.

“Respect Our Environment”