1. What is e-waste?
EWD terms e-waste to be all electronics. Also, in order to increase landfill diversion, EWD includes all items that operate via an electrical current.

2. What is the process for an e-waste recycling event or pick-up?
It’s simple. For events, choose a date, time, and location. We’ll set the event to your request. For pick-ups, simply call our office 214.351.2455 or contact your E-Waste Specialist with your company name, address, phone, and email. Share with us how much you have to pick-up. EWD handles the rest. Due to the rise in fuel costs, a fuel surcharge will be charged.

3. Are there better days than others to host an event or pick-up?
Yes, normally community events are best on Saturday mornings from 9am to 12noon. If it is a busy day, our staff will work until all cars are handled no matter how long it takes to gather their e-waste recyclables. Weekday commercial business events are great. EWD suggests morning hours. Past events have proven employees prefer morning hours such as 9am to 11am or end of day times like 3:30pm to 5:30pm. A few companies will incorporate the event with an employee lunch, usually with a time from 11am to 1:00pm.

Pick-ups are scheduled according to established schedules at the time of your call. If a specific time is needed, simply let us know. We’ll be happy to accommodate your request. Pick-ups incur a fuel charge fee which normally is no less than $25 and no more than $45 within a 100 mile radius of DFW. The fee is a flat fuel charge regardless of how small or large the load.

4. How far in advance should I schedule an e-waste recycling event? Should I establish a recycling program for my community or office?
Yes, once you conduct an initial clean out of your e-waste, it is environmentally responsible to establish a recycling program for your community or company. EWD suggests securing your date for an e-waste recycling event as far in advance as possible (at minimum of one month). The majority of our clients book events for the entire year – once a month, quarter, or twice per year. Advance bookings allow ample time to promote the event and are a great time management tool. The dates are handled for the entire year so there’s no going back and forth multiple times to schedule and advertise. Everyone within the community and or company knows far in advance each year when the events or pick-ups are to be conducted. Additionally, this allows everyone to set the dates on their calendars.

5. What is the cost for an e-waste recycling event?
Events are charged according to operating costs with a larger number of events incurring no charge at all. EWD does charge $7 for Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) and $15 for Televisions (TV) of any size.

6. How many people are required to work the event?
EWD provides staff, equipment, and supplies to host the event. A minimum of two volunteers capable of lifting large TVs are required for city and county events. Volunteers are welcome to work the event and should be physically able to lift up to 50 lbs., stand, walk, and understand simple instructions. Volunteers working the event must be over the age of 13 unless accompanied by an adult.

7. Does EWD have insurance?
Yes, EWD carries complete commercial insurance. A certificate of insurance (COI) is requested for a specific certificate holder for all e-waste recycling events. A COI is available at all times.

8. How much space is required to conduct the event?
Events are held on a hard surface parking lot which allows cars to drive-up have their car unloaded and drive off. The space required for this is approximately 10 to 12 parking spaces.

9. What happens to the e-waste after the recycling event?
EWD practices the 3Rs of reduce, reuse, and recycle. The items are delivered to our warehouse in Dallas. Upon receipt, the items will be sorted according to their reuse, resale, or recycling determination.

10. Do you ship to poverty stricken or third-world countries?
No. EWD may occasionally ship single items outside of the country but solely to responsible people using the parts for repairs. Every resource avenue possible is used to keep the downstream recycling process here in Texas.

11. I want to recycle my old computer. Is my hard drive data secure?
Yes, EWD removes data from hard drives in a safe, secure, and expeditious manner as a requirement of our insurance carrier. As a reputable company, EWD prides its security process as to being overly cautious. Companies requiring legal documentation of destruction are offered our data destruction service in which the information is completely wiped from the hard drive with the same software used by the United States Department of Defense. There is a charge for this certified service that includes a certificate documenting the serial number. EWD assures security by delivering all hard drives to our secured data room. This room is locked with limited key access.

12. My church, non-profit, Girl or Boy Scouts, Girl or Boys Club want to host an event. What should I do?
Simply have the champion or coordinator contact Joan Meeks at 972.786.1446 or joanmeeks@ewastegroup.net. Or work directly with your EWD EWaste Specialist. Information about how to host an event will be provided.

13. What areas do you service?
EWD has the capability to service all areas of Texas and will travel out of state for special projects.

14. Can I bring my recyclables to your warehouse?
Yes, everyone is welcomed to bring their items to our warehouse. There are no drop-off fees for recycling with the exceptions outlined in #3 and #8. Please call ahead to let us know you are coming so we know to expect you.

15. How does your company earn its revenue?
EWD revenue margins are similar to a grocery store – very slim. Revenue is based on volume and determined by the 3Rs reuse, resale, and recycling.

16. Do you repair computers?
No, we do not. EWD only provides recycling services. EWD will be happy to refer you to a reputable computer repair company.

17. What if I have other items to recycle?
EWD works with many recyclers. Please contact us before sending anything specifically toxic waste to a landfill. Give us an opportunity to find a home for reuse or recycling. You’ll be amazed at how many people are available to help keep anything and everything toxic out of the landfill.

18. Can I write off my items on my taxes?
EWD works closely with Christian Community Action (CCA). Simply take your items to CCA for recycling. You’ll be able to receive a tax deduction through their organization. CCA can be found at www.ccahelps.org.

EWD thanks you in advance for your attention to be environmentally responsible. We trust the information provided here will assist you on making everyday a Green Day. EWD’s company mission statements were created in order to operate each day with a focus to “Respect Our Environment.” We strive to assure generations present and future live in a sustainable, viable, and healthy environment.